About us

The portal was developed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to further develop industrial cooperation and expand the production of products in demand" No. PP-4302 dated 01.05.2019 and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to organize the activities of an industrial fair and electronic cooperation exchange "No. 833 dated September 30, 2019.

An electronic cooperation portal is a special trading platform created with the aim of strengthening and developing cooperation ties in industry between domestic producers, expanding the production of industrial products and broadly involving small businesses in industrial activities.

The main tasks of the Portal are:

  • providing the opportunity to sell and purchase finished products, components, raw materials and materials produced by domestic industrial enterprises through the Electronic Cooperation Portal (hereinafter the Portal);
  • introducing a mechanism to ensure freedom of relations and transparency in the conclusion of contracts and the payment process between business entities, as well as customers and suppliers;
  • informing all interested circles about the types, technical characteristics and quality parameters of industrial products produced in the republic;
  • ensuring the exchange of information between a special information portal on public procurement on the procurements made through the Portal;
  • analyzing the fulfillment of concluded contracts in the portal, as well as preparing proposals to enhance the role and importance of industrial cooperation in the development of production of finished products based on local raw materials.

The portal performs the following functions:

  • performing operator functions assigned to the Ministry, coordinates and controls the overall activities of the Portal;
  • carrying out integrated activities with information systems and databases by statistics, customs, certification, tax, finance and others;
  • publishing information about the types and volumes of import and export-oriented products, as well as posting a list of import-substituting products in demand in the economy and recommended to produce;
  • organizing electronic trading based on the principles of free competition and transparency of pricing between customers and manufacturers and providing a mechanism for signing electronic contracts;
  • maintaining a rating of active enterprises registered on the Portal and the status of execution of contracts concluded in the auction;
  • ensuring the placement of correct and real information about industrial products produced in the republic, timely updating this information and controlling it;
  • analyzes the concluded contracts through the Portal and carrying out the appropriate measures;
  • developing and implementing proposals to increase the role and importance of the Portal in the development of the production of finished products based on local raw materials;
  • improving the activities of the Portal based on modern requirements and expanding its functionality;
  • taking part in regional industrial fairs and events of the cooperation exchange, held with the aim of localizing production and expanding cooperation in industry.